We utilize industry best practices along with cutting edge technology to create one of the most efficient combined maintenance support delivery systems in the industry. Our expertise includes; facility operations management, construction, industrial, commercial integrated facilities management, project management, business management and customer service.

Facility Management
Janitorial Services
– Large Volume Properties
– High Volume Public Facilities
Landscaping Services
Building Cleaning
Quality Assessments
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Hard Floor Maintenance & Repair
Post Construction Cleaning


CSM America has developed a customized, highly detailed management structure combined with increased employee accountability to create an optimal, productive environment for each facility we manage.

Since our Service Delivery System is fully customizable to your unique needs, CSM America’s managers can quickly identify and correct performance issues as they happen, improving customer satisfaction.

We can instantly track work performance, efficiency, and quality in your facilities, following the full chain of Service Delivery.


JAMS (Janitorial Management Software) helps reduce operational costs by streamlining processes, monitoring schedules to prevent delays and waste, preventing complaints and quality of work issues, staying within budget, and much more.

By managing the whole Service Delivery process, we are able to provide the control and accountability required to efficiently save you money.

JAMS Primary Functions

• Maximize Service Delivery Performance

• Foster a Culture of Proactivity, Productivity, Reliability, and Improvement

• Enhance Service Value